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Gadget Insurer Claims iPhone 5s Is More Breakable Than iPhone 5, Moto X

Gadget Insurer Claims iPhone 5s Is More Breakable Than iPhone 5, Moto X

September 23, 2013
Apple's iPhone 5s might be more powerful, more secure, and more popular than competing handsets, but according to gadget insurer SquareTrade, the seventh-generation handset isn't more durable. In fact, SquareTrade claims that following tests, the iPhone 5s is more breakable than the iPhone 5 and the Moto X. It is, however, more durable than the Samsung Galaxy S4, though the plastic-coated iPhone 5c is said to be harder to grip properly. In a statement, SquareTrade marketing chief Ty Shay said:
We were expecting that at least one of the new iPhone models would up its game but surprisingly, it was the Moto X that proved most forgiving of accidents. This is the first time we’ve tested the breakability on a Motorola phone, the only phone we’ve ever tested that’s made in the USA. We were pleased to find that it withstood our drop, slide and dunk test with only the slightest dent. It looks like Google is giving Apple and Samsung a run for their money.
If you can bear to see Apple's new iPhones get smashed up, we've included a video of SquareTrade's test below.

If you can't see the above video, please click this link.

Remember, you can protect your iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c with official leather and plastic cases from Apple. But if you're looking for more complete protection, OtterBox might be the way to go. See also: Nitro 3-D Racing Game Adds New Turn-Based Mode And AirPlay Support For Apple TVMajority Of US House Members Prefer Apple's iPhone Over BlackBerry And Android, and Netflix Makes History As First Online Television Provider To Win A Primetime Emmy Award. Via: AllThingsD

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