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How To Teach Touch ID To Recognize More Than 5 Fingers

How To Teach Touch ID To Recognize More Than 5 Fingers

September 26, 2013
Touch ID for the iPhone 5s can recognize multiple fingerprints - or toe prints, as the case may be - but Apple has set a limit of five different prints for any given user. However, one iPhone 5s owner appears to have figured out a means of bypassing this restriction, making it possible to save a huge number of different fingerprints to an iOS 7-powered iPhone 5s handset. The method is outlined in a YouTube video which hit the Web recently. Note Suwanchote explains that by scanning multiple fingerprints when setting up a single Touch ID fingerprint slot, the iPhone 5s will subsequently recognize multiple fingerprints when users attempt to unlock their iDevice. In the video, Suwanchote is able to configure five different fingerprints with one Touch ID slot, and all five work well with the fingerprint scanner.

If you can't see the above video, please click this link.

Suwanchote explains:
When you register a finger, the sensor can recognize and differentiate at a minimum of 5 fingers per each set up. It does not go up to 10 though but somewhere in between. This means that with the set up, you can have the sensor recognize up to 25 (possibly more) uniques fingerprints. My brother documents this in the video.
It could be, however, that setting up Touch ID in this way compromises the security of the feature, since the handset is gaining a less accurate reading of each individual fingerprint. Given that Apple advertises Touch ID as working with five individual fingerprints, it's likely that this feature - or bug - will disappear with a future update to iOS 7. For now, though, it should be available to access on an iPhone 5s handset. Via: iMore See also: Simple And Elegant Note-Taking App Vesper Goes Double-O-Seven For iOS 7One Week Later, iOS 7 Powers 52 Percent Of North American iDevices, and Shadowrun Returns At Last: Classic Tabletop RPG Finally Arrives On iOS.

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