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Mech Rally To Offer iDevice Owners A Sci-Fi Racing Parkour Game For iOS

Mech Rally To Offer iDevice Owners A Sci-Fi Racing Parkour Game For iOS

September 2, 2013
Mech Rally is an upcoming iOS app that promises to fuse the genres of sci-fi, racing, and parkour in one single game. Created by Speedline Games, Mech Rally seeks to offer iDevice owners "a perfect combination of battle mechs, parkour, multiplayer racing, and other classic elements in prevalent games," according to a recent forum posting by the application's developer:
Mech Rally is designed specifically for fans of sci-fi and mechs. Suit up with a selection of the coolest mechs ever made and race against opponents among the stars. Sprint through fantasy environments, updating your mechs and using props wisely to beat your opponents in the entire universe.
In the game, mechs can not only run at super fast speeds, but the sci-fi machines can also leap over obstacles, duck under barriers, and slide along the floor with ease. Furthermore, each mech has the chance of utilizing a number of different weapons, such as rockets and missiles, in order to take down opponents and assume the No. 1 position. Below, we've included a trailer video, which shows off Mech Rally in its prerelease form:

If you can't see the above video, please click this link.

Mech Rally is set to launch in the App Store this fall - we'll let you know once the sci-fi racer becomes available. As of this moment, no information concerning pricing or iDevice compatibility has been announced. For more of our recent app news, see: Magic 2014 To Gain New Decks In First Expansion Update Coming Later This MonthToday's Best Apps: Alphabets 2 Words And LinesLines, and Codename Cygnus Offers iDevice Owners A Unique Interactive Radio Drama.

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