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The Final Season Of 'Breaking Bad' Results In Class-Action Lawsuit Against Apple

The Final Season Of 'Breaking Bad' Results In Class-Action Lawsuit Against Apple

September 9, 2013
Apple is facing a class-action lawsuit concerning its handling of the final season of "Breaking Bad" in the iTunes Store. As 9to5Mac reports, since network AMC chose to separate the fifth and final season of the popular TV show into two parts, Apple decided to treat both halves as separate seasons in the iTunes Store (even though AMC is describing both collections as "Season Five" of "Breaking Bad"). As such, an additional Season Pass is required in order to access the final episodes of the show in the iTunes Store, which Apple is collectively calling "The Final Season." Now, one iTunes Store user is attempting to take Apple to court over the matter. 9to5Mac explains:
Noam Lazebnik, a viewer from Ohio, insists that Apple engaged in false advertising and filed a lawsuit in San Jose on Friday seeking full refunds for users who had purchased “the final season” on iTunes.
Are you in a similar situation? The full lawsuit is available to view online at Scribd. We'll keep you updated with further information concerning the matter as we receive it. In the meantime, see: New Concept Brings The Purported iPhone 5S Home Button To LifeApple's "Back To School" Promotion Is Still Live: Be Quick, Before It's Too Late, and Help Save Cowbell Hero By Backing This App's Kickstarter Campaign.

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