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Turn Your Email Inbox Into A Beautiful Shopping Catalog With PeeqPeeq

Turn Your Email Inbox Into A Beautiful Shopping Catalog With PeeqPeeq

September 6, 2013
PeeqPeeq is a newly released email app for iOS. But contrary to what you might be expecting, it doesn't promise to revolutionize mobile email management, just as Mailbox did or just as Ping apparently aims to. Rather, PeeqPeeq simply sets out to help you "shop beautifully" by creating a catalog out of all of the shopping emails that you receive:
PeeqPeeq automatically finds all the shopping email in your inbox and turns them into a beautiful catalog. PeeqPeeq lets you browse your shopping messages, discover great new brands you'll love, share the best with your friends, and save the important ones for later.
To start using PeeqPeeq, you must first allow the app to "peek" into your inbox and "pick" the shopping emails therein. Just sign in to your account on Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, or any other generic email provider. PeeqPeeq then automatically processes your inbox and produces a catalog of shopping offers that you can easily browse. In case your inbox is immaculate and entirely free from any shopping email, PeeqPeeq could still be of use to you as it also lets you browse through different categories featuring brands you may or may not already know about. Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad running iOS 6.0 or later, PeeqPeeq is available now in the App Store for free. For more new iOS releases, check out Surprise Attack! Activision Deploys Call Of Duty: Strike Team In The App Store, Put Your Driving Skills To The Ultimate Test With 2K Drive, Out Now In The App Store, and Explore A Mysterious Manor's Rooms Of Memory In This New Hidden Object Game For iPad. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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