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Video: AnandTech Goes Hands-On With Apple’s Gold iPhone 5s

Video: AnandTech Goes Hands-On With Apple’s Gold iPhone 5s

September 10, 2013
Apple’s iPhone 5s has finally been unveiled and it packs five times the performance than its predecessor. The folks over at AnandTech were on the scene at Apple’s iPhone event in Cupertino and recently got a chance to get their hands (and fingers) all over this next generation iPhone. The video below covers the basic features and functionality of the new iPhone 5s. In the hands-on video, AnandTech demonstrates the new fingerprint sensor, camera features, performance, and more. Check out the hands-on video below:

If you can’t see the above video, please click this link.

As noted in the video, AnandTech can't run true performance tests on the new device, but they did mention it seemed a lot quicker than the iPhone 5. Certain areas of iOS 7 seemed to move slower on an iPhone 5, but the new A7 processor found in the iPhone 5s is much faster and handles these tasks with zero lag. For more iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c coverage, check out these articles: Apple's iPhone 5S Packs A Powerful Punch Thanks To 64-Bit Apple A7 Processor, The iPhone 5S Gets Significant Camera Upgrades With Improved Flash, Sensors And Slow-Mo, and The iPhone 5S Features An Improved Battery Life.

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