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Beats Music Will Launch In The US In The Next Few Months

Beats Music Will Launch In The US In The Next Few Months

October 7, 2013
Yet another streaming music service will soon be available for iOS device owners. According to The Next Web, Beats will launch Beats Music “within the next few months” in the United States. Luke Wood, president and COO of the popular audio accessory manufacturer, said that the service would be different from other competitors like Spotify and Rdio:
Wood emphasized that Beats Music would be different and based around “a very specific idea”. The service is focused on curation, rather than forcing users to search blindly for new tracks or artists that they might like. “We’re talking about real depth of personalization and knowing who I am, who you are, what we’re listening to, what we like, what we’ve listened to before and then offering up music that is highly relevant to our taste profile,” he added.
Interestingly enough, both Beats and Apple reportedly discussed some type of partnership earlier this year. Beats CEO Jimmy Iovine and Apple’s Tim Cook met in February to discuss “Project Daisy,” the code name for the revamped MOG music service. But nothing apparently came from those meetings as Apple went in a different direction and unveiled iTunes Radio in June. The free, ad-supported service officially launched with the public release of iOS 7 last month. While the Beats service certainly sounds interesting, there are already a large number of other options for music lovers to choose from. I think it will really have to be unique to gain some traction. For other news today, see: For Those On Wall Street, Talk Shifts To Apple's iPhone 6, The SEC Closes The Book On Apple's Tax Filing Practices, and Apple's iPhone 5s Is Now The No. 1 Handset With All 4 US Carriers.

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