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Feel The Force In New Darth Vader Star Wars Pinball Table Trailer

Feel The Force In New Darth Vader Star Wars Pinball Table Trailer

October 10, 2013
In a galaxy far, far away, Darth Vader does battle with the Rebel Alliance ... on a pinball table? Such is the concept behind Star Wars Pinball, a great iOS app that brings the plot of George Lucas's film series to life in a Zen Pinball-like gaming experience. Though the game has been available to download in the App Store for some time, developer ZEN Studios has made every effort to update the application with additional content over the course of the last few months. Now, a Darth Vader pinball table, which will be available to unlock as an in-app purchase, has been shown off in a brand new trailer video. The developer explains:
Experience the power of the Dark Side as you flip your way through the biggest moments in Lord Vader’s life, packed with his most memorable quotes and scenes from the beloved Star Wars films.
ZEN Studios hasn't confirmed pricing for the in-app purchase, but we're guessing that the Darth Vader table will be available to unlock for the application's standard in-app purchase price of $1.99. Here's the aforementioned trailer, see what you think: As a reminder, Star Wars Pinball can be downloaded in the App Store for $1.99, and is supported, in part, by in-app purchases. Check out the application now, and remember to keep a look out for the Darth Vader table. It'll be available next week, according to ZEN Studios. In the meantime, see: The Fitbit Force Fitness Band Is Now Available For OrderThe Dragon’s Lair 30th Anniversary Game Arrives For iPhone, and It's Official: Square Enix To Bring Final Fantasy VI To iOS, VII Could Follow.

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