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Foursquare Update Brings Real-Time Recommendations

The Foursquare app has just been updated to bring real-time recommendations to iPhone users. In their blog, Foursquare said that it is turning on the capability for a “small batch” of people who use the updated app on their iPhone. And it will be expanding to more users each day. The company describes a little more how the feature works:
Here’s how it will work: when you sit down to dinner, we might ping you with the can’t-miss dish on the menu (like the screenshot from a sushi bar below). Or when you arrive in a new neighborhood or city, we’ll suggest a few places that your friends love (like below, after you’ve wandered into a new neighborhood). It’s like having a ton of local friends stuffed in your pocket wherever you go. Because it’s powered by billions of check-ins, it’s also smart: we’re going to ping you when you sit down at a new place where your friend left a tip, not when you’re on your daily walk to work. And using this feature doesn’t check you in; this isn’t for sharing, just for making sure you don’t miss great things.
[caption id="attachment_473070" align="aligncenter" width="208"]The real-time recommendation feature on the iPhone. The real-time recommendation feature on the iPhone.[/caption] Version 6.4 of the app also brings a new “Nearby” button to show which friends are near your location. And now on each friend's profile page, only the most recent check-in is shown. Clicking on it will bring up the person's entire profile. Foursquare is designed for the iPhone, and it can be downloaded now in the App Store for free. Before today’s update, the last major version of the app arrived right after iOS 7 was officially launched last month and featured an updated icon and a flatter UI. For other recent app news, see: Peapod Plus Offers Pebble Users Reminders, Calendar, Battery Status And More, Automatically Log Where You Are And What You're Doing With Rove For iOS, and Mickey Video 2.0 Features New Custom Player, iCloud Sync And Other Enhancements.
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