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It's Fiesta Time: Ubisoft's Rayman Fiesta Run Set To Hit iOS On Nov. 7

It's Fiesta Time: Ubisoft's Rayman Fiesta Run Set To Hit iOS On Nov. 7

October 25, 2013
Stock up with confetti and prepare to make lots of celebratory noise, as Ubisoft has just announced that Rayman Fiesta Run is set to launch on iOS on Nov. 7. Announced by Ubisoft last month, Rayman Fiesta Run is the sort-of sequel to the hit platform game Rayman Jungle Run, which was released in September 2012 and hailed by Apple as the App Store's iPhone Game of the Year. As the game's name suggests, it's no longer a jungle out there as far as the limbless and fist-throwing title character's further adventures are concerned. As noted by Polygon:
The fiesta-themed game will have Rayman traversing environments full of fruits and food, jumping on cocktail umbrellas, bouncing off limes and punching pinatas. Rayman will have the ability to swim, shrink and perform a powerful super punch through more than 75 levels.
Take a look at the game's trailer below: If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. Priced at $2.99, Rayman Fiesta Run is scheduled to be released in the App Store on Nov. 7, which is just a couple of weeks from now. In addition to iOS, the game is set to launch on Android via Google Play and Amazon Appstore. Earlier today, we told you about another soon-to-launch follow-up game in another popular franchise. Ooga Jump, a Doodle Jump-like game set in the world of Pocket God, has been confirmed by developer Bolt Creative to launch on Oct. 31, which is just a week from now.

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