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Over-The-Top Simulation Game Surgeon Simulator Could Launch For iOS

Over-The-Top Simulation Game Surgeon Simulator Could Launch For iOS

October 1, 2013
The popular "100 percent medically inaccurate" Surgeon Simulator 2013 could be iOS bound, according to its creators. Bossa Studios is reportedly prototyping an iPad version of the over-the-top medical game, and though the developer hasn't confirmed the forthcoming release of Surgeon Simulator for iPad, Bossa is nevertheless "seriously considering it," Joystiq reports. The website explains:
Bossa isn't definite about bringing out the tablet version but is seriously considering it, not just because the British studio believes tablets offer more direct, weightier controls, but also because the devices lend themselves to new surgeries. One idea Bossa has involves cracking teeth, pulling them out, shoving new ones in, then chucking the canines away, maybe down the patient's throat - you get the idea. Although, as Tom Jackson notes, this wouldn't be called dentistry: "Probably a tooth transplant," he laughs.
Apple's iPad seems to be the perfect platform for a game such as Surgeon Simulator, since it would allow gamers to partake in a dose of medical mayhem using the iDevice's touchscreen controls. Joystiq notes that it saw "a prototype build that had been cooked up in just two days, in which Bossa's Luke Williams grabbed, chucked, and slammed various parts of the patient's innards across the iPad screen." The iPad and Surgeon Simulator? Sounds like a match made in heaven. We'll keep you updated with further information as we receive it. In the meantime, see: NBA 2K14 Dribbles Into The App Store, Features Miami Heat's LeBron JamesApple Posts New Job Listings For Its Orlando-Based iOS GPU Development Team, and Movies By Flixster Updated With iOS 7-Inspired Design And HD Movie Streaming.