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Shelf Control: In Honor Of The Anniversary Of Poe's Death, Get iPoe For Free Today

Shelf Control: In Honor Of The Anniversary Of Poe's Death, Get iPoe For Free Today

October 7, 2013
Today is as good a time as any to discover or rediscover some of the best stories of Edgar Allan Poe. Not only is today the 164th anniversary of the famous horror master's death, but today is also that rare day when you can get iPoe, which is our topic for this week's edition of Shelf Control, for absolutely free. Released in March last year, iPoe is a universal iOS app that collects several of Poe's best stories. It features "The Oval Portrait," a short story about the disturbing circumstances surrounding a portrait in a chateau. It also includes "The Tell-Tale Heart," a short story narrated by a supposedly insane murderer. There's also "The Masque of the Red Death," which follows Prince Prospero's attempts to avoid a dangerous plague by hiding in his abbey. And then there's Poe's last completed poem, "Annabel Lee," which revolves around the death of the title character. Rather than being just a run-of-the-mill e-book app, though, iPoe is a collection of stories with interactive elements, engrossing illustrations, and haunting music. It's really something you have to experience, preferably on Halloween night, which happens to be just weeks away. As mentioned, iPoe is available today in the App Store for free, in honor of the 164th anniversary of Poe's death. "In the XIX century Edgar Allan Poe was ahead of his time and captured the terror and darkness of the human soul as no one had ever done," says iPoe developer Play Creatividad. "iPoe Collection boosts these terrifying stories bringing them to life with nowadays' technology, creating a new way of experiencing the fear of Poe, and this is definitely one of the special chances you’ll have for downloading for free." If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. And if you're craving for more of Poe's macabre stories for your iDevice, make sure to check out iPoe 2. Available in the App Store for $3.99, iPoe 2 features "Hop Frog," "The Black Cat," and one of Poe's best-known pieces, "The Raven." As always, if you have suggestions for Shelf Control, please feel free to email me at [email protected] or simply leave a comment below. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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