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Sony To Launch PlayStation Companion App Ahead Of PlayStation 4 In November

Sony has just announced that the official companion app of PlayStation 4 is set to be released on iOS and Android on Nov. 13 in North America and on Nov. 22 in Europe, ahead of the launch of the highly anticipated next-generation video game console. Announced alongside PlayStation 4 itself, the app is simply called PlayStation App, which is not to be confused with the already existing PlayStation Official App. PlayStation App can be used on iOS- and Android-based smartphones and tablets as a second-screen app as well as a social networking hub for PlayStation players:
Once installed, these devices can be used as second screens in supported PlayStation®4 (PS4™) titles, and users can easily access PSN(SM) features such as Friend Lists and Trophies. Furthermore, users will be able to exchange messages with members of their Friends List, and browse through news and information on the official PlayStation® website. PlayStation®App comes with a variety of features that allow users to seamlessly access and enjoy the world of PlayStation®.
To highlight the app's second-screen capability, Sony specifically mentions The Playroom, a preinstalled title in all PlayStation 4 systems. With PlayStation App, users can draw pictures on their mobile devices and flick them toward their TVs. The pictures then appear as 3-D objects within The Playroom, thanks to the game's integration with PlayStation Camera. As mentioned, PlayStation App is scheduled to be released on iOS and Android on Nov. 13 in North America and on Nov. 22 in Europe. PlayStation 4 will be launched on Nov. 15 in North America and on Nov. 29 in Europe.
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