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TodoMovies Creator Taphive Joins The Blurry Wallpaper Bandwagon With Blur Studio

TodoMovies Creator Taphive Joins The Blurry Wallpaper Bandwagon With Blur Studio

October 18, 2013
It seems that blurring photos to turn them into iOS 7 wallpapers is all the rage nowadays. After the success of Enormous' Blur, a number of other similar apps have been launched in the App Store. These include Blur by Sven Bacia, which we briefly featured a few days ago. And now, there's Blur Studio by Taphive. With Blur Studio, you can load photos from your library or take new ones with the camera. You're then free to take advantage of the app's key features:
  • Home Screen Test Mode. Quickly test how your creation looks on a home screen without leaving the app.
  • Blur Studio blurs photos fast. Very fast. In fact, it is faster than any other app.
  • Live Parallax effect in the entire User Interface including Home Screen Test Mode.
  • Ability to tint your blurs with a color of your choice to perfectly match your iDevice.
Once you're done, you can, of course, save your wallpapers. Note that wallpapers made with Blur Studio are saved in sizes that support iOS 7's parallax effect. And if you want to share your creations, you can do so by tapping and holding on them. You can share them via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, email, iMessage, and AirDrop. Optimized for iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 7.0 or later, Blur Studio is available now in the App Store for $1.99. As mentioned, Blur Studio is developed by Taphive. Just last week, Taphive released its new to-do app, Tick. But Taphive is perhaps best known for its popular to-do app for movies, TodoMovies, which was released in June last year. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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