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Apple Will Partner With GlobalFoundries To Make A-Series Chips

Apple Will Partner With GlobalFoundries To Make A-Series Chips

November 11, 2013
According to an interesting new report from the Albany Times-Union, Apple will partner with GlobalFoundries to make A-series chips for iOS devices at a plant in upstate New York. The plant will be the second location in the United States where the chips are made. Currently, Samsung has a manufacturing facility in Austin, Texas. What is still unknown is the exact role Samsung will be playing in the operation. The report stated that a small team from the company will make its way to the Fab 8 plant in Malta, N.Y. with the chip specifications:
It’s unclear if GlobalFoundries will be making the chips with Samsung as the customer on behalf of Apple, or if Apple will be the direct customer, with Samsung helping set up the operation to mirror what it does in Austin. Either way, Apple will be the ultimate customer. “We don’t comment on customer engagements or products unless they do so first. That is our standard policy.” GlobalFoundries spokesman Jason Gorss said Monday when asked to comment on the Apple chip deal.
The recent news is a big shift from what we reported on back in late September. Then, a Korean newspaper stated that GlobalFoundries rival Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp. would be responsible for 60 to 70 percent of production of the future A8 chip. In June, a report from The Wall Street Journal said Apple signed a three-year deal with TSMC. So it looks like, at least for the near future, Samsung will continue to play a big part in producing the chips that power iOS devices.

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