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Baby Lava Bounce To Get The Zombie Treatment In New Game, Zombie Volcano

Baby Lava Bounce To Get The Zombie Treatment In New Game, Zombie Volcano

November 18, 2013
Baby Lava Bounce is a fun, cute iOS app in which iDevice users must bounce between islands for as long as they can. However, if you're looking for something a little more of the macabre, the application's developer has confirmed that Baby Lava Bounce is set to receive the zombie treatment in a new game, Zombie Volcano. Gone are the smiley icons, friendly colors, and the cute, volcanic protagonist; in Zombie Volcano, iDevice users get to crush cars, animals, trees, and - of course - people as a zombie, instead. Here's a trailer for the application, see what you think:

If you can't see the above video, please click this link.

Make no mistake - Zombie Volcano is essentially a re-skinned iteration of Baby Lava Bounce, but if you ask me, the application looks a whole lot better with its darker coloring and its zombified, volcanic main character. As such, gamers can expect a feature set similar to that of the addictive Baby Lava Bounce:
  • easy one button controls
  • skill based gameplay
  • pineapple destruction
  • destruction of non-pineapple objects
  • pixel art
  • leaderboards and achievements
Plus, rather than offering Zombie Volcano as a free, in-app purchase-supported title, the new game will carry a premium price tag of $0.99. Zombie Volcano should be available to download in the App Store in the near future. We'll let you know once it launches. In the meantime, Baby Lava Bounce can be downloaded free of charge. See also: Review: Withings' Pulse Offers iDevice Users A Different Kind Of Activity MonitorFollowing User Feedback, LinkedIn Pulse Gains Several Notable Enhancements, and Jungle Rumble For iOS Promises iDevice Owners A Genre Mash-Up. For more zombie-themed apps, check out our dedicated tag base.

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