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Connect Colorful Dots In A Winter Wonderland With Dots' New Holiday Theme

Connect Colorful Dots In A Winter Wonderland With Dots' New Holiday Theme

December 1, 2013
Dots, the popular color-matching game about connecting, has just become even cooler for the holidays. Dots has just received a new update, and it's an update that brings several nice surprises. After installing the update and launching the game, you'll see three gifts on the screen along with an instruction to "tap a gift to open it." One of these gifts offers free power-ups to increase your score, while another contains 5,000 free dots to buy power-ups with. Finally, the other one unlocks a new holiday theme that lets you play Dots in a winter wonderland, complete with snow, festive tress, a snowman, and even Santa himself. The holiday theme comes in two variants, Holiday Day (shown above) and Holiday Night (shown below). If you don't feel like playing Dots in a winter wonderland, you can revert to the Classic and Dark themes in the game's settings menu. The new version of Dots is available now in the App Store for free. The game is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad running iOS 5.0 or later. The latest update to Dots also fixes crashes on launch for iOS 5 devices and crashes after carrying out some in-app purchases. Dots received its previous major update late last month, thereby gaining weekly scoreboards and the aforementioned Dark theme. Prior to that, it was updated in August with a moves-based mode and early last month with an endless mode.

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