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Find The Signal Before It's Too Late In Upcoming Survivor-Explorer Shattered Planet

Find The Signal Before It's Too Late In Upcoming Survivor-Explorer Shattered Planet

November 25, 2013
It's great to hear about upcoming iOS games, and one such forthcoming title, Shattered Planet, indeed looks promising. Developed by Kitfox Games, the application situates iDevice users in a region destroyed by a long-forgotten ancient war. Against all odds, however, a signal transmitted from this "shattered planet" is received, and promises relief from the deathly "Blight" disease that presently plagues humanity. As such, gamers must enter the abyss and seek out the source of this signal, before it's too late. Kitfox Games explains:
In 10,000 A.D., throughout their space colonies, humans have finally encountered a disease they cannot cure. The Blight consumes all light and life it contacts, and the only hope for humanity lies back on the abandoned homeworld, the remains of shattered Earth. A faint signal seems to push back the Blight — you must find its source, or die trying! The Blight is on your tail!
From what we understand, Shattered Planet will be a free-to-play title available for the iPad, along with PC, Mac, and Linux machines. Kitfox Games estimates that the application will reach the App Store in January 2014, and that the desktop version of the game will be available in the following months. Concerning Shattered Planet's gameplay, the developer continues: "The game is a classic turn-based, randomised RPG, with endlessly generated content and dozens of differently powerful items to find." For more information, be sure to take a look at Kitfox Games' website. As mentioned, Shattered Planet should be available to download for the iPad in January 2014. We'll let you know once the application reaches the App Store. In the meantime, see: Parachuting Frog's New Puzzler Solisqr Is Set For Release In The App Store Next MonthClassic Strategy Game M.U.L.E. Returns In The Form Of Newly Released iOS Game, and Google Chairman Eric Schmidt Publishes "Guide" On Switching From iOS To Android.