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Following MOGA, Logitech Launches Its Own PowerShell iOS 7 Controller

Following MOGA, Logitech Launches Its Own PowerShell iOS 7 Controller

November 20, 2013
First came MOGA's Ace Power. Now, Logitech has unveiled its own iOS 7 game controller, PowerShell, which iDevice owners can preorder online for $99.99. However, besides its slightly different form factor, there is little difference between Ace Power and the recently announced PowerShell. For one, both products use the word "power" in their names. This perhaps alludes, in part, to the fact that both feature a built-in battery for on-the-go recharging and battery-powered gaming. Logitech's PowerShell, though, doesn't pack as powerful a punch as Ace Power. The former controller features a 1,500mAh battery, while MOGA's product offers 1,800mAh. Of course, the two look slightly different, also. But the design ethos remains the same: an iPhone or iPod touch can clip into the controller, and is surrounded by a D-pad on one side, and action buttons on the other. At the top of both cases are trigger buttons and both feature a built-in audio jack, though MOGA's Ace Power also offers an analog stick. Logitech explains:
Use powerful, precise console-style analog controls to dominate your favorite iOS games - and your opponents - more easily than using on-screen controls. Plus, the analog d-pad, shoulder triggers and button cluster move your hands away from the screen for the clearest view of the action.
Like Ace Power, Logitech's PowerShell is compatible with the iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, and iPod touch (fifth-generation) only, so controller-powered iPad gaming still isn't in the cards. This is a shame, however we're expecting further entrants into this market to offer iPad-compatible controllers, too. You can preorder Logitech's PowerShell online now for $99.99. See also: Place Your Bets: Kairosoft's Pocket Stables Launches For iPhone, iPadCasetagram's Subscription Service Lets You Have A New iPhone Case Every Month, and We Have Liftoff: Apple Receives Final Approval For Futuristic Spaceship Campus.

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