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The Boomerang Wireless Audio Dock Turns An iOS Device Into A Mobile Theater

The Boomerang Wireless Audio Dock Turns An iOS Device Into A Mobile Theater

November 15, 2013
Just in time for the holidays, FAVI Entertainment has announced the upcoming arrival of the Boomerang Wireless Audio Dock. The accessory uses Bluetooth and NFC technology to create a unique mini home-theater experience when used with a mobile device, such as an iPhone or iPad. The Boomerang Wireless Audio Dock is crescent shaped. As a result, it surrounds the device when stationary. It can also be carried around a user’s neck when not in use. Key features include:
  • NFC Technology allows you to pair your device with a quick tap, operating up to 33 feet away
  • Expansion Sleeve Design allows you to easily adjust the viewing angle and accommodate for various sizes
  • Built-in Speakerphone allows you to listen, talk and answer phone calls via the speaker
  • 2 x 6W Stereo Sound in the Boomerang from integrated bass boosts
  • 2 x 4W Stereo Sound in the Boomerang Mini from integrated bass boosts
  • 10 Hours of Battery Life from its built-in lithium ion battery
  • Colorful Options available in white, black, red, yellow, purple and pink
Take a look: The Boomerang (for tablets) is launching for $79.99, while the Boomerang Mini (for smartphones) is priced at $59.99. Both are expected to begin shipping in mid-December. Preorders are now being accepted at We’ll be receiving a Boomerang in the coming days and plan to publish a review before the end of the November. In the meantime, see: Jawbone’s New UP24 Tracker Features Bluetooth 4.0 Technology For Wireless SyncingKick Back And Enjoy The New RUGGD iPad Air Case From Tylt, and Griffin’s New MOTO TC Rally Provides App-Enabled Racing Fun For A Reasonable Price.

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