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The Official Misfit Shine App Is Updated With New Social Components

The Official Misfit Shine App Is Updated With New Social Components

November 27, 2013
The official companion app for the Misifit Shine fitness tracker has taken a big step forward with an update that adds a number of social features. Highlighting version 1.6 of the app is the new leaderboard. Users can add friends to show how active they are and compete for first place. With the World Feed, exercisers can share milestones and achievements with the Shine community. Each user can now also personalize their profile to add a picture, find friends, and show off achievements. Finally, users will also be notified about leaderboard events and when they hit milestones like a personal best. Designed for the iPhone/iPod touch, the Shine app can be downloaded now in the App Store for free. You can snag the Shine fitness tracker at a number of retailers, including Apple’s online store and Best Buy locations. The package at Apple costs $119.95 and includes the sports band while Best Buy’s $99.99 option does not. I reviewed the Shine back in October, calling it the first truly wearable fitness tracker. Only around the size of three quarters stacked on top of each other, the beautiful hardware can be worn in a number of ways, like in a jeans pocket or shirt collar. And with other optional accessories, users can even wear the Shine as a necklace or watch. Even though I’ve only gotten to play around with the new social components of the app for a few minutes, I’m really pleased. I’ll definitely try to get friends and family to purchase a Shine so I can compete with them.

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