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To Bed Goes 2.0 With Support For Weekend Reminders And Other Improvements

To Bed Goes 2.0 With Support For Weekend Reminders And Other Improvements

November 4, 2013
To Bed has just received its first ever update, nearly three months after its release on iOS. Promoting the importance of getting enough sleep, To Bed is a simple app that reminds you when it's time to go to bed based on information about your age and wake-up times. To Bed's first update, which happens to be the app's 2.0 update already, offers several notable improvements, including a much-requested one. In his original review of the app here on AppAdvice, Daniel was largely complimentary of To Bed. "However, one obvious oversight that I found in To Bed is the lack of support for weekends," he noted. "It appears that the app has been built around the assumption that we can all sleep in on weekends, but this is never the case. Whether it’s on occasion or all the time, one will surely need to rise early on a Saturday or Sunday at some point. The option to enable or disable weekend reminders would be very much appreciated." Well, To Bed has finally been updated with support for weekend reminders, which can be enabled in the app's settings section. To Bed 2.0 also features the following improvements, as outlined by developer Tord Asnes:
  • Option for an extra alarm at bedtime, if that's how you roll.
  • AM/PM time format is now supported.
  • Change your info (name and age).
  • New bouncy animations, - can't get enough of those!
  • Better sleep recommendations based on your age.
  • Pressing the feedback button now brings you the option to send me either a mail or a tweet, feel free to say hi!
To Bed 2.0 is available now in the App Store as a free update or as a new $0.99 download. The app is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 6.0 or later. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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