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Drift Off Toward Dreamworld And Play Candy Crush Saga Like Never Before

Drift Off Toward Dreamworld And Play Candy Crush Saga Like Never Before

December 13, 2013
Candy Crush Saga, the hugely popular match-three game developed by King, has just received an update that brings about an expansion so big you might want to keep your eyes wide open for it. The update introduces Dreamworld. Mind you, Dreamworld is no mere new episode, which a typical Candy Crush Saga update delivers. Rather, Dreamworld constitutes a new way to play Candy Crush Saga. In Dreamworld, you get to revisit and replay levels like never before. It introduces Odus the owl, a new Moon Struck mode, and a new type of Candy Crush Saga gameplay. As Kotaku explains:
Along with clearing candies from the screen, players will also have to maintain the balance of one Odus the Owl. His moon is balanced by two candy colors in each of the 30 initial expansion levels. Clear too many of one color, and he'll come tumbling down. Clear in a balanced fashion and you'll activate the game's new Moon Struck power, which clears an entire color from the screen.
The new Dreamworld levels are available to players who have passed level 50 in the main game of Candy Crush Saga. The new version of Candy Crush Saga is available now in the App Store for free. It's compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad running iOS 4.3 or later. In addition to updating Candy Crush Saga, King has also just updated its most recent iOS release, Papa Pear Saga. The new version of the fruity Peggle-like physics-based puzzle game features two new episodes, Sweet Home Savannah and Fuji Pears. King's two other games on iOS are the bewitching bubble-shooter Bubble Witch Saga and the animal-themed block-blaster Pet Rescue Saga.

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