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'Nerds' Is A New Musical Starring A Young Steve Jobs And Bill Gates

'Nerds' Is A New Musical Starring A Young Steve Jobs And Bill Gates

December 6, 2013
One of the biggest rivalries in tech is the basis of a new musical. The Philadelphia Theatre Company is now presenting “Nerds,” about the early battles between Apple’s Steve Jobs and Microsoft’s Bill Gates. The musical is set in the 1970s and 1980s. In a mostly positive review of "Nerds," notes:
With surgical precision (something like "How to Succeed in Business" meets "Urinetown"), "Nerds" portrays Silicon Valley’s confluence of hippie socialism and rampant capitalism, nailing such underlying themes as the cost of dreams, the emptiness of revenge, and the itch that lies behind John D. Rockefeller’s old saying that enough money is always “just a little bit more.” Though Act II loses its nerve as it strains to achieve a pat emotional resolution, Nerds is well on its way to being one of those generation-defining shows. The ultra-tight Act I has one knockout, high-velocity musical number after another, performed by a cast that can do anything.
“Nerds” features the music of Hal Goldberg, and runs through Dec. 29 at the Suzanne Roberts Theatre. Tickets run between $51 and $79. See also: New Biography Of Influential Apple SVP Jony Ive Launches In The iBookstoreSteve Jobs Inducted Into Bay Area Business Hall Of Fame, Eddy Cue Accepts Award, and Steve Jobs' Former Girlfriend To Publish A 'Profound' New Biography On Oct. 29.

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