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AT&T Is Offering T-Mobile Customers Up To $450 Per Line To Switch

AT&T Is Offering T-Mobile Customers Up To $450 Per Line To Switch

January 3, 2014
AT&T is offering T-Mobile customers 450 reasons to switch right now. Beginning today, Jan. 3, the second largest carrier in the U.S. is offering up to $450 per line when they switch to AT&T and trade in an eligible smartphone. Under this limited-time offer, T-Mobile customers who switch will receive a promotion card of up to $250, which can be used toward AT&T products and services. T-Mobile customers can also receive an additional $200 credit per line when they transfer their wireless service to AT&T and choose an AT&T Next plan, buy a device at full retail price, or activate a device they currently own. According to AT&T:
Trade-in values will vary based on make, model and age of the smartphone, but many of the latest and most popular smartphones will qualify for a value of $250.
AT&T's move is likely a preemptive strike. Last month, TmoNews reported that T-Mobile would unveil a new "Uncarrier" plan in January that would pay other carriers' termination fees when users switch. That plan could be announced at next week's Consumer Electronics Show, according to The Washington Post. See also: AT&T CEO: Subsidies On Smartphones Need To EndChina Mobile's iPhone Preorders Aren't As High As You'd Expect, and Could Sprint Be Looking To Purchase 'Uncarrier' T-Mobile US?

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