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Cydia Tweak: CleverPin Update Brings Intelligent Lock System To iOS 7, iPhone 5s

Cydia Tweak: CleverPin Update Brings Intelligent Lock System To iOS 7, iPhone 5s

January 26, 2014

Developer Filippo Bigarella (@FilippoBiga) made the AppAdvice headlines earlier today when Springtomize 3, the ultimate jailbreak customization package for iOS 7, reached the Cydia Store. However, Springtomize isn’t the only one of Bigarella’s packages to have received a dose of iOS 7-optimizing love: the popular CleverPin has also received an update adding support for both iOS 7 and the iPhone 5s, and it’s available to download now in the Cydia Store for $1.99.

CleverPin promises iDevice users a more intelligent passcode lock system, and it achieves this by enabling the passcode protected iOS Lock screen only when absolutely necessary. Once you’ve got CleverPin installed, you can configure the jailbreak tweak to disable your iPhone’s passcode when you’re connected to your home Wi-Fi network, for example, or when you’re listening to music. “CleverPin allows you to make your iPhone ask for a passcode more intelligently,” Bigarella explains in the jailbreak tweak’s release notes, and this is precisely the case.

Besides having the passcode disable when connected to a preconfigured Wi-Fi network or while one’s handset is playing music, you can also disable the passcode while an iDevice is charging, or if a user has returned to his or her iPhone within a certain timeframe.

The jailbreak tweak adds a new preferences pane to the Settings application, and here a selection of toggle switches allow iDevice users to enable or disable CleverPin’s various features. It requires iOS 4.1, but as of its most recent update, support for iOS 7 and the Touch ID-equipped iPhone 5s has been added.

Bigarella’s Springtomize 3, on the other hand, provides iDevice users with a huge selection of iOS customization options. Our earlier article explained:

But what options does Springtomize 3 add? Well, for a start, users can alter how iOS app icons appear on their Home screen: you can change the app spacing, enable or disable animations, and add five applications to the iPhone’s dock. You can even hide the dock outright, if you like, or hide app labels, configure folders, and add or remove details to or from the Lock screen.

Pages, the status bar, and more minor aspects such as the time format and app slider can be altered, too. In fact, there isn’t one aspect of Apple’s iOS that Springtomize 3 can’t alter.

CleverPin for iOS 7 can be downloaded for $1.99, while Springtomize 3 is available in the Cydia Store for $2.99. Both are optimized for Apple’s iOS 7 and ARM64-Devices.

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