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The AppAdvice Week In Review: The Mac Turns 30 As New Steve Jobs Video Surfaces

The AppAdvice Week In Review: The Mac Turns 30 As New Steve Jobs Video Surfaces

January 26, 2014

We’re always reporting and offering our opinions about Apple, and the technology industry at-large. Here are just some of the topics that we covered during the week that was.

Apple celebrates as the Mac turns 30

One of the most innovative products of the last century celebrated its 30th anniversary this week. Apple recognized the milestone by releasing a new video about all things Mac, giving away an Easter egg, and holding an anniversary concert featuring OneRepublic.

Apple CEO Tim Cook, alongside Senior Vice President Craig Federighi, and Vice President Bud Tribble, also visited ABC News to give a short interview. NSA surveillance was among the topics discussed.

Take a look:

The first Mac was unveiled on Jan. 24, 1984.

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The “iPhone 6″ and “iPhone 6c” are somewhat confirmed

The Wall Street Journal became the most significant publication to date to say Apple is working on two new iPhones for 2014. One of those models is said to feature a screen “that’s larger than 4.5-inches, measured diagonally, and a second version that is greater than 5-inches.”

Back in November, Bloomberg claimed Apple was working on two new curved iPhones for 2014. The Wall Street Journal contends that the phones won’t be curved. Instead, they will feature metal casings similar to what is used on the current iPhone 5s. The plastic exterior found on the iPhone 5c won’t be carried over to the new models.

One awesome “iWatch” concept and one false alarm

A new Apple “iWatch” concept made the rounds in recent days. The mockup by Todd Hamilton features an iOS 7-inspired design and builds on an iWatch concept previously released by another designer, Thomas Bogner. It combines the look of a Nike FuelBand and an iPhone.

Unlike Bogner’s design, the mockup imagines the rumored device with vertical controls. According to Hamilton, this reflects “something Apple would actually produce.”

What you see below is not a photo of an Apple “iWatch” in the wild. For a few minutes this week, we weren’t so sure.

The photo, snapped earlier this month by a Twitter user at the Oakland, Calif. airport, actually shows a Chinese watch found on

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Viral Video Of The Week

Time has uncovered a video of Steve Jobs that hasn’t been seen in 30 years. The presentation at the monthly general meeting of the Boston Computer Society came just days after the late Apple co-founder had unveiled the Mac.

Take a look:

If you can’t see this video on your mobile device, please click here.

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