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It's Easier To Hold Your iPad Air With Chil's Notchbook On Board

It's Easier To Hold Your iPad Air With Chil's Notchbook On Board

January 31, 2014

Chil’s Notchbook is an iPad Air case with a difference. Because besides offering protection for the fifth-generation tablet, the product also features a patent-pending notch, making it easier for users to hold up their iPad Air with one hand. Granted, you’ll still need biceps of steel in order to do this for any length of time, but nevertheless the Notchbook still appears to make iPad Air-powered Web browsing, e-book reading, and magazine consumption that little bit easier.

Over at the product’s Web page, Chil notes: “The Notchbook case and iPad Air were seemingly made for one another. The protective case features a patent-pending ‘notch’ design that makes way for the hand to slide easily through the sleeve of the tablet and nestle itself around the device for the ultimate iPad cover.” You can order a Notchbook online for $39.99, and it’s available in black, maroon, indigo, yellow, or turquoise.

Features include:

  • Familiar book-like grip
  • Padded leather exterior
  • Plush microsuede interior lining
  • Folio converts into tablet case stand
  • Open access to the iPad Air connectors, lens, speakers, and buttons
  • Auto wakes/sleeps upon opening/closing
  • Patented notch
  • Lightweight and elegant
  • Exceptional craftsmanship
  • Stays smudge-and-scratch-free
  • Specific iPad Air case design

If there’s one downside to having an iPad Air as one’s sole iPad, it’s that the tablet is indeed a little uncomfortable to use as an e-book reader, for example. The thin bezel makes holding the tablet in one hand slightly awkward, and its weight - though lighter than the previous-generation iPad - only exaggerates this.

However, it looks like the Notchbook could definitely help iPad Air owners out in this respect. Below, we’ve included a selection of images taken from Chil’s website.

As mentioned, Chil’s Notchbook can be purchased online for $39.99, and it’s compatible with the iPad Air. For more information, head over to the product’s Web page.

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