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MarcoPolo Ocean Offers A 'Digital Sandbox' Adventure For Younger iDevice Users

MarcoPolo Ocean Offers A 'Digital Sandbox' Adventure For Younger iDevice Users

January 31, 2014

MarcoPolo Ocean, a recent addition to the App Store, is designed to spark kids’ interest in “the most unexplored part of our planet - the ocean,” according to its developer. Offering a “digital sandbox” mode of gameplay in which players can explore the depths of the sea, the $2.99 application is colorful, accessible, and available for the iPad only.

In the app’s release notes, developer MarcoPolo Learning, Inc., explains: “Make dolphins jump. Build a coral reef. Explore the deep sea. Create your own aquarium. These are just some of the fun things you can do with MarcoPolo Ocean.” Constituting the first volume in the developer’s “Discovery Series,” MarcoPolo Ocean is designed to help children learn in a fun and engaging digital environment.

The application includes five “build-and-play” activities (Coral Reef, Marine Mammals, Fish, Boat, and Submersible), and these are designed to “bring the language and the images of the ocean to life.” Created in partnership with a marine educator, this aspect of MarcoPolo Ocean is also “fully narrated and animated to reinforce vocabulary, physical attributes, and ocean concepts.”

In addition, MarcoPolo Ocean also includes a “Free Play Exploration” mode of gameplay, too, and this allows children to explore an interactive ocean on their own. Features include:

  • Explore from the shoreline all the way down to the sea floor
  • Steer your submersible and boat through ocean waters
  • Add marine animals and fish to the ocean and interact with more than 30 different species
  • Investigate by tapping, dragging, and swiping where the animals live in the ocean to see their natural behaviors and how they interact with other animals.

MarcoPolo Learning, Inc., also plans on launching a new volume in its Discovery Series every few months. We’ll let you know once the next addition is available to download in the App Store.

In the meantime, MarcoPolo Ocean can be downloaded for $2.99, and as mentioned, it’s optimized for the iPad only.

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