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Nest CEO Says Any Changes To The Company’s Privacy Policy Will Be Opt-In, Transparent

Nest CEO Says Any Changes To The Company’s Privacy Policy Will Be Opt-In, Transparent

January 20, 2014
A week after Google announced it was acquiring his company for $3.2 billion in cash, Nest CEO Tony Fadell talked about the deal and what it means for users at the DLD Conference in Munich. According to The Next Web, Fadell said there are currently no alterations to the Nest privacy policy:
“At this point, there are no changes,” Fadell explained. “The data that we collect is all about our products and improving them.”
And thankfully, Fadell said if there were any future changes to the policy, it would be on an opt-in basis for users and the company “would be sure to be transparent about it.” That’s very good news for users of the Nest thermostat and the pictured Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide detector. But I suspect that eventually the policy will change, and users can choose to share their data with Google. Fadell also talked about his company’s relationship with Apple’s rival:
“The amount of things that I learned from them, personally, in the same meetings that they learned from me, personally…the two way interchange of what was for me intellectual happiness and the stimulation of being able to go back and forth, and really create a new world together – and in a different way than either of us had imagined – that was personally exciting to me,” he said.
As a user of both Nest products, I’m very happy to see Fadell on the offensive to alleviate any privacy concerns. For other news today see: Apple Releases iOS 7.1 Beta 4 To Registered Developers, VLC App Updated With iOS 7 Redesign, Google Drive Integration And More Features, and Following Soft Launch, Fright Fight Is Set To Reach The US In The Coming Week.

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