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On Track For A February Release, Running Quest Is An Endless RPG Runner For iOS

On Track For A February Release, Running Quest Is An Endless RPG Runner For iOS

January 15, 2014

Genre mash-ups are always fun, and one forthcoming iOS app set to reach our iDevices next month promises to combine two of our favorite game genres: the endless runner, and the role-playing game (RPG). Called Running Quest, the application should be available to download from Feb. 28.

Running Quest situates gamers in the middle of an epic storyline, and charges iDevice users to level up their character and work through scenarios by engaging in an endless runner mode of gameplay. Developer Selosoft shares information concerning the app’s storyline online, at its dedicated Running Quest Web page, and explains:

The Stone of Shattered Planes has been stolen by an evil and diabolical thief named Nimus. Nimus plans to use the stone as a portal key to a world consumed by a curse of darkness. If he succeeds, the curse will spread throughout your world and enslave all of your people. You must run and battle your way through the land of Agarom and stop Nimus before it’s too late!

Running Quest promises iDevice gamers two playable characters - a male warrior, and a female scout - along with the ability to level up these characters, to collect armor, weapons, and abilities, and to explore four fantasy-themed worlds.

There are also boss fights included, “heart-pounding battle-theme music,” and support for Game Center allows users to share their achievements with friends.

Here’s a complete list of anticipated features, as outlined by Selosoft:

  • 2 playable characters : A male warrior and female scout
  • Level up your character and collect all armor sets, weapons and abilities
  • Run through 4 different fantasy-themed worlds filled with dragons, goblins, clockworks and more
  • Post your high scores to Game Center and Facebook
  • Earn rewards for completing special achievements and earn dozens of achievements in Game Center
  • Unique one-touch battle system
  • Upgrade your stats and improve your character so you can survive longer and earn higher scores
  • Challenge your friends!
  • A unique and challenging boss fight unlike anything you’ve experienced in an endless runner
  • Dozens of different enemies and obstacles
  • Beautiful high resolution graphics
  • Heart-pounding battle-theme music
  • Adjust in-game volume as well as tilt sensitivity for your device
  • Save your progress across all devices with iCloud

Below, we’ve included Running Quest’s first gameplay video, which surfaced online recently. As mentioned, the application should be available to download on Feb. 28; we’ll be sure to let you know once it’s available.

If you can’t see the above video, please click this link.

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