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It's About Time: Black Sabbath's 1970s Albums Finally Reach The iTunes Store

It's About Time: Black Sabbath's 1970s Albums Finally Reach The iTunes Store

January 15, 2014

Bat-biting English rockers Black Sabbath saw their 1970s albums, including “Paranoid” (1970) and “Master of Reality” (1971), finally reach the iTunes Store yesterday. Though the band’s later material has been available from both iTunes and other online music services for some time, Black Sabbath’s earlier ’70s LPs hadn’t made the transition to a digital medium.

The New York Times explains that the band’s first eight studio albums, including three compilations, can now be purchased in the iTunes Store. Plus, the publication adds that while iTunes retains online exclusivity for now, Black Sabbath’s 1970s albums are expected to reach music streaming services “in about a week.”

True to form, frontman Ozzy Osbourne said it was “about time” the albums reached digital platforms - “with another word added in there,” The New York Times jokes - and guitarist Tony Iommi noted that it had “been a long time trying to explain to fans why the music wasn’t available.”

The publication explains:

Although Mr. Iommi didn’t elaborate, it has been well known in the music business that the delay was the result of longstanding squabbling between Warner and the band. Representatives of Black Sabbath and the label did not respond to requests for further comment.

Famously, as the result of a dispute between Apple, Inc. and their label, The Beatles held out on releasing material in the iTunes Store until 2010. Now, though, the band’s 1990s-era Anthology albums are available, as well as exclusive ringtones and rare bootlegs.

Remaining holdouts include Garth Brooks, Tool, and a large number of Bob Seger’s albums.

Black Sabbath’s 1970s albums can be purchased in the iTunes Store for $9.99 each.

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