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This Week In Accessories: CoverBuddy, Seidio Ledger For The iPhone 5c And More

This Week In Accessories: CoverBuddy, Seidio Ledger For The iPhone 5c And More

January 17, 2014
Welcome back to our weekly look at the latest and greatest iOS device accessories to hit the market. Calming down after the craziness that was CES last week, we’re highlighting a unique pair of headphones, a lightweight iPad Air case, and more.

Bowers & Wilkins P5 Maserati Edition

If you’re like me and will never, ever be able afford a Maserati, you can still experience some luxury car styling with the Bowers & Wilkins P5 Maserati Edition headphones. Made with fine-grain natural leather in the signature deep racing blue color of Maserati, the luxury car emblem is emblazoned on the headband and quilted leather travel pouch. Along with the fascinating styling, the headphones themselves use specially developed, ultra-linear neodymium magnets along with sealed ear pads to provide a maximum amount of noise isolation. The headphones also come with a cable featuring a built-in microphone and volume controls. Not surprisingly, the P5 Maserati edition doesn’t come cheap with a retail price of $399.99. They can be purchased from the Bowers & Wilkins site now.

Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

Well-known for a number of health-related iOS device accessories, including an interesting fitness tracker, Withings is cutting the cord with its revamped blood pressure monitor. And the wireless version makes it extremely easy to keep track of the important measurement. Simply wrap the cuff around your arm and turn it on. Using Bluetooth, it will automatically open the companion Withings Health Mate app. Tapping the start button begins testing. Results are then shown and saved for future reference. Users can even set reminders and send readings directly to their doctor. The device should be available to purchase from the Withings site soon for $129.95.

SwitchEasy CoverBuddy for the iPad Air

Designed to compliment Apple’s Smart Cover, SwitchEasy’s new CoverBuddy is shockproof and made from a tough polycarbonate. Easy to snap on to the iPad Air, the case features a protective coating to fend off scratches and dings. Buyers can choose from eight different color choices, including the pictured clear version. The CoverBuddy retails for $24.99 on the company’s site now. Along with the usual connector protectors, SwitchEasy includes two headphone jack and Lightning port protectors.

Seidio Ledger for the iPhone 5c

The unique flip case from Seidio protects both the body and screen of the colorful handset. The exterior of the cover is made with polyurethane that offers a cloth-like texture while the interior features a soft microfiber. An interior card slot can hold a driver’s license or credit card. Available in gray or red, the Ledger can be ordered now from Seidio’s site for $34.95. The company has also expanded the line to include the iPad Air and both generations of iPad mini.

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