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Toad Rider Featuring Battletoads To Reach The App Store Next Month

Toad Rider Featuring Battletoads To Reach The App Store Next Month

January 28, 2014
Battletoads, the popular 1991 title for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), is set to reach the App Store in a brand new iOS application. Rather than offering a port of the game, however, the new app - called Toad Rider - instead focuses on allowing iDevice users to take on one of Battletoads’ most difficult levels. The game should land in the App Store on Feb. 5, according to developer Elektron Games, and in a recent YouTube video we’re provided with an idea of what can be expected from the forthcoming title. Gamers from the early ‘90s may remember that in Battletoads, the game’s usual beat ‘em up mode of gameplay was interspersed with special levels in which players had to take on a different kind of challenge. Battletoads’ third level, Turbo Tunnel, was one such example, and as TouchArcade explains, this forms the basis of the famous toads’ App Store debut. The publication notes:
Here your heroic toad would ride a hovering jet ski type of vehicle, and as he sped along would have to dodge approaching obstacles from the left, right, up and down or face an instant death. Sound familiar? It’s pretty much a similar formula to most endless runners on the iOS platform.
Sounds like a perfect fit, right? As such, it’s no surprise to hear that Toad Rider, which is inspired by the original Battletoads, brings an updated iteration of this Turbo Tunnel level to our iDevices. Besides offering a similar mode of gameplay, new features like enhanced character abilities, power-ups, and more are also expected to feature in Toad Rider, if the app’s new trailer is any indication. We’ve embedded the video below, see what you think: If you can’t see the above video, please click this link. As mentioned, Toad Rider should be available to download in the App Store on Feb. 5. We’ll let you know once it’s available. In the meantime, see: Check In And Tag Along With Others As You Watch TV With tvtag, Formerly GetGlue, Should The Apple TV Become A Gaming Console?, and Now Listen: This Gesture-Based Music Player App For iOS Just Got Even Better.