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What You Probably Didn't Know About Apple's Iconic '1984' Ad

What You Probably Didn't Know About Apple's Iconic '1984' Ad

January 1, 2014
The most iconic Apple commercial of all time, “1984,” didn’t debut during the January 1984 Super Bowl as many have believed. Instead, the Ridley Scott-directed Macintosh ad first aired in Twin Falls, Idaho during the final minutes of 1983, according to TUAW. The reason for the early “1984” release had nothing to do with Apple or Idaho. Instead, the team over at Chiat/Day (now TBWA\Chiat\Day) wanted the ad to qualify for the 1983 advertising awards. Why was Twin Falls chosen for "1984's" real premiere? According to Tom Frank, the TV operator who initially aired the commercial for KMVG-TV:
Probably because of our remote location and small nighttime audience. Remember, they were trying to qualify for the next awards season. They really didn't want anyone to see it and comment on it. The Super Bowl was to be the official “premiere."
With this discovery, "1984" actually aired twice in history. First, on Dec. 31, 1983, and second, during the third quarter of Super Bowl XVIII on Jan. 22, 1984. A 30-second version aired across 11 U.S. markets. Here is “1984” as it was originally aired: In 2004, Apple unveiled a 20th anniversary remastered version of "1984." As TUAW concludes, "The video is notable insofar as the runner in the revamped commercial is wearing an iPod. Perhaps for the 30th anniversary of the Mac, the woman won't be running at all, but rather walking slowly, head down, and fully engrossed in a game of Angry Birds on her iPhone 6." Take a look: See also: Apple Hires The Design Director Of The New York Times Magazine, and Hilarious Take On 'Every Tech Commercial.'

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