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Apple's Website Is Now Advising Developers On How To Design For iOS 7

Apple's Website Is Now Advising Developers On How To Design For iOS 7

February 28, 2014

In an update to its Developer website,, Apple is now advising designers on how to create iOS apps for iOS 7-powered mobile devices. Of course, iOS 7 brought a radical redesign to the mobile OS, and Apple is determined to help developers create apps which fit with the new “flat,” minimalistic ethos.

You can access the Web page by clicking this link. Though some of the content had previously been available to access at Apple's Developer website, a handful of new documents address iOS 7 only. Certain resources require users to be registered iOS developers; others, on the other hand, are available for unrestricted public access.

Apple explains:

Exceptional user experience is a hallmark of Apple, and a distinguishing feature of apps built for iOS and OS X. Review the resources below to learn how to build the polished, engaging, and intuitive apps that Apple customers have come to expect.

One interesting new document is titled “iOS Dos and Don'ts,” and as 9to5mac observes, the Web page offers advice on individual design elements common to iOS apps. Included in the selection are “Formatting Content,” “Touch Controls,” and “Hit Targets.” Detailed information on each individual section aims to help readers design the best iOS app experience possible.

If you're a budding iOS developer, the new Web page is definitely worth stopping by.

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