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Classic Game Galcon Set To Spawn Another iOS Sequel, Incoming Next Week

Classic Game Galcon Set To Spawn Another iOS Sequel, Incoming Next Week

February 1, 2014

Remember Galcon, Phil Hassey’s 2008 iOS release that brought the original 1987 game Galactic Conquest to our iPhones, and even spawned a couple of sequels? Well, a brand new app in the series has left its space dock, and is expected to reach the App Store next week - on Feb. 6, to be exact.

Called Galcon Legends, the latest game comes following the previous releases of both Galcon Labs and Galcon Fusion for the iPhone and iPad. Galcon Legends is already available for the PC, too, having launched earlier this month. But what can we expect from the iOS title? TouchArcade has the low-down, and explains in a recent article:

It forgoes the multiplayer portion of the Galcon formula for a strictly single-player campaign that aims to teach the ins and outs of the game and its strategies.

The campaign is centered around a debtor called Buck, and he’s introduced in the below trailer.

If you can’t see the above video, please click this link.

It’s great to hear that another installment in Galcon’s iOS series is inbound, and we can’t wait to take the app for a spin. Its single-player mode might be a departure from the previous titles’ multiplayer focus, but from what we can see, Galcon Legends looks to be an exciting addition to developer Phil Hassey’s present offerings.

If you’re new to Galcon, three previous titles are available in the App Store: there’s Galcon for $1.99 (a free game, Galcon Lite, is available too), Galcon Labs for $2.99, and Galcon Fusion for iPad, which is available for $1.99.

We’ll let you know once Galcon Legends launches in the App Store.

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