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Classic Gangster Title The King Of Chicago Is Coming To The App Store This Month

Classic Gangster Title The King Of Chicago Is Coming To The App Store This Month

February 6, 2014

Hey, you. Yeah, I’m talkin’ to you. The King of Chicago, Cinemaware’s classic 1930s gangster title, is set to reach the App Store this month, bringing with it all the drive-bys, alleyway shootouts, and underworld criminal activity you could possibly wish for. Though no precise release date has been revealed, we’ve heard from Cinemaware that the application is set to reach our iOS devices “within February.”

Price – like the app’s release date – is still a mystery, but we do know that The King of Chicago for iOS is set to offer iOS device gamers a high definition remake of the original 1986 action-adventure strategy game. Created by Doug Sharpe, the original game is influenced heavily by the image of 1930s gangster life created in a handful of Hollywood “mobster” movies.

As such, The King of Chicago allows users to partake in drive-by shootings, bombings, illegal gambling, and the bribing of government officials. If Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas left you grinning from ear to ear when it reached the App Store last year, The King of Chicago should have you pleased.

Here’s how Cinemaware describes the title, over at its website:

Chicago in the 30′s.

Prohibition. Power struggles and rampant crime. Only the toughest of the tough survive. Capone used to call the shots. But Capone is up the river and Chicago is up for grabs. Violence, intimidation, bribery, treachery, and clout are your weapons as you battle the legendary Capone mob for control of the windy city.

Excited? We’ll let you know once The King of Chicago launches in the App Store. In the meantime, we’ve included a short trailer for the upcoming game below.

If you can’t see the above video, please click this link.

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