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Cydia Tweak: AutoOK7 Brings A Better Complex Password Solution To iOS 7

Cydia Tweak: AutoOK7 Brings A Better Complex Password Solution To iOS 7

February 12, 2014

If you’re the kind of iOS user who enables complex alpha-numeric passwords on your iOS device, a new jailbreak tweak may be of interest. Called AutoOK7, the new package – which is an updated and enhanced version of an older jailbreak tweak, AutoOK – allows jailbreakers to have their iOS device auto-unlock immediately after a correct password has been inputted.

Though you can enable passwords (rather than passcodes) in Apple’s iOS free of charge, iOS device owners have long been annoyed that users must touch “Done,” once their password has been inputted (as opposed to their iOS device unlocking immediately, as it does with four-digit passcodes).

Fortunately, AutoOK7 fixes this. The jailbreak tweak adds a new preferences pane to the built-in Settings app, and here users will first need to input their complex password. However, once this is done, unlocking your iOS device using a longer password should be easier and marginally quicker than before.

This is a change we think Apple should seriously consider making to its iOS. Though perhaps the Cupertino, Calif. company hasn’t bothered improving password functionality in this way because it envisages us all unlocking our iOS devices using Touch ID, instead, in the near future. Who knows?

For those of you who use complex passwords to unlock an iOS device, AutoOK7 can be downloaded in the Cydia Store for $0.99, and it’s fully optimized for iOS 7 and 64-bit iOS devices as of its most recent release.

If you’re still running iOS 6, the older AutoOK can be downloaded free of charge.

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