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Cylinder: A Barrel-Like Jailbreak Tweak That You Can Code Yourself

Cylinder: A Barrel-Like Jailbreak Tweak That You Can Code Yourself

February 13, 2014

Barrel is one of the most popular jailbreak tweaks available in the Cydia Store, and now an in-development package promises jailbreakers a similar jailbreak tweak – but one that users can code themselves. It’s called Cylinder, and iOS device owners can pick up the beta jailbreak tweak free of charge from the Cydia Store.

News of Cylinder first hit the Web in a Reddit post, and here the developer explains that using the coding language Lua, jailbreakers can add their own animations to the Barrel-like package:

I wanted to see more effects for Barrel (and I also didn’t like how the cube effect wasn’t really a cube). Cylinder’s Lua bindings (and the fact that it’s libre software) should allow for a huge amount of really cool icon effects in the near future.

Lua is a comparably simple coding language, the developer explains, allowing users to execute effects in just a couple of lines. Furthermore, Cylinder users don’t need to code animations using OS X, Xcode, or a compiler app; instead, you can code in a simple plain text app and copy your creation over to the jailbreak tweak itself.

The developer adds: all you have to do is drop your .lua scripts in /Library/Cylinder/ using scp/WinSCP/iFile/iFunBox/whatever. Then just open Settings, click the name, and boom. It’s loaded. You don’t have to respring, either."

If you’re interested, then you’ll need to add “” to your list of sources in the Cydia app, and a dedicated subreddit, /r/cylinder, has been created in order for jailbreakers to share their own custom animations with one another.

Provided you’ve added the aforementioned repository to Cydia, Cylinder is available to download free of charge.

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