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Evernote Updates Its Mac App To Add A Descriptive Search Feature

Evernote Updates Its Mac App To Add A Descriptive Search Feature

February 4, 2014
Evernote has just announced the addition of an interesting technology to its Mac app. For users with a lot of notes, Descriptive Search will make it much easier to find exactly what they are looking for. The feature lets users describe what they are searching for in common terms. Here’s some examples from an Evernote blog post:
“Images from Prague since 2012" This search will bring up all of your notes since 2012 that contain images that have Prague as the location. “Recipes with photos tagged vegetarian” This search will show any notes that Evernote classifies as a recipe that contain an image and have the tag ‘vegetarian.’ “Powerpoint from last week” This search will return all notes with attached Powerpoint presentations since last week.
Descriptive Search is now available for English in the Evernote for Mac app. It can be downloaded now here. The feature will soon be making its way to other languages and versions of Evernote. Just last week, the universal iOS app was updated to version 7.3 that brought a number of customization options and other improvements. Easily my favorite addition in the update is the redesigned homescreen. Along with a revamped New Note button, users can also select from one of three different color themes. Also in January, Evernote announced that files stored in accounts now sync up to four times faster than before. While Evernote is free across all platforms, a Premium subscription is available for $45 per year or $5 per month. That gives users a number of other features including PIN lock for the app and offline access to notebooks.

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