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Mac Shipments Outpaced Those Of PCs By The Largest Margin In 5 Years

Mac Shipments Outpaced Those Of PCs By The Largest Margin In 5 Years

February 21, 2014
During the previous quarter, Mac shipments outpaced those for PCs by the largest margin in five years. This news suggests Apple’s Mac might not be facing the same decline as PCs, according to AppleInsider. In the holiday quarter, Mac sales jumped to 4.8 million, an increase of 18.1 percent year over year. This outpaced the PC market by 24.7 percent. Charles Wolf with Needham & Company says Apple’s successful holiday quarter could be “a one-quarter blip” amidst a sinking PC market — or maybe not. Mac shipments had been declining year over year, just like the rest of the PC market. However, Mac shipments have gained market share vs. Windows PCs in all quarters since 2005 except for one. Wolf notes:
The question we don't have an answer to is whether Mac shipment growth can overcome the headwinds of negative growth in PC shipments. While the Mac represents a small fraction of Apple's revenues, it nonetheless is an important barometer of the health of Apple's ecosystem.
The analyst believes that tablets have “undoubtedly” cut into PC sales. Still, he questions the “magnitude of this effect.” He also suggests that sales of the iPad could hurt Mac sales more than traditional Windows PCs. "The allure of an iPad is undoubtedly far greater when it is in close proximity to a MacBook than it is in other shopping venues,” Wolf concludes. Apple recently celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Mac. The line currently includes the iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini, and Mac Pro. See also: Apple Publishes Localized 'Mac 30' Mini-Sites For Select Asian CountriesApple Topped The Combined PC And Tablet Market At The End Of 2013, and Apple Releases Its Own Super Ad, One Day After The Big Game Ended.

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