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Ahead Of Apple's iWatch, The Wello iPhone Case Brings Key Health Features To iOS

Ahead Of Apple's iWatch, The Wello iPhone Case Brings Key Health Features To iOS

March 6, 2014

One upcoming iPhone case – called Wello – promises to bring a wide range of medical features to Apple's iOS. Heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, and much more can all be measured and recorded using the iPhone case, which is available to preorder from today for $199 (pending FDA approval).

In a press release that reached our inbox recently, Azoi – the maker of Wello – explains that “key vitals including blood pressure, electrocardiography (ECG), heart rate, blood oxygen, temperature, lung functions, and more” can all be measured “with a high level of accuracy.” Taking measurements can be as easy as holding your case-equipped iPhone in hand, though a small external device allows users to check on lung health.

Either way, results are provided immediately by the case, and can be stored on an iPhone and referred to over time. The press release adds:

Wello can also connect with other health and fitness devices such as pedometers to help identify how different behaviours can affect bodily state. Furthermore, it provides safe and secure remote access - so it can be used to track the key vitals of family members too.

Hamish Patel, founder and CEO at Azoi, said: “Over the last two years, we have focused our efforts on coming up with a technologically advanced yet easy-to-use tool to help people monitor their health and facilitate better lifestyle choices.”

He added: “We are proud to introduce Wello – a not so small engineering feat in microelectronics, nanosensors, imaging, data analytics and design. By putting health monitoring technology into a highly convenient and accessible mobile phone case, we hope to be able to make a real difference.”

You can preorder Wello today from $199, and Azoi is offering an initiative whereby users can score $10 off the price of their own Wello for each friend they refer. The iPhone case should reach customers this summer.

As a reminder, Apple is rumored to be bringing its own health-monitoring feature set to iOS with a dedicated app called Healthbook. Rumored to be launching with iOS 8, the application is said to connect with Cupertino's upcoming iWatch product in order to monitor aspects of its owner's lifestyle.

We'll keep you updated with further information on both Wello and Apple's iWatch as we receive it.

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