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Apple Could Soon Make Siri Much Smarter, More Like ‘Her’

Apple Could Soon Make Siri Much Smarter, More Like ‘Her’

March 5, 2014
Siri has gotten a lot smarter since Apple first introduced the iOS voice assistant feature in 2011. Despite these gains, Siri is still not as smart as Samantha, the fictional operating system voiced by Scarlett Johansson in Oscar nominated film, “Her.” That could soon change, according to TechCrunch. Citing subscription-only content from The Information, TechCrunch says Apple is readying a Siri update that will allow it to play nice with more third-party apps and services. In doing so, Cupertino is working “on improving Siri’s search capabilities, and widening its capability set.” Apple currently requires a one-to-one business arrangement for Siri integration. For example, OpenTable and Wolfram Alpha are involved in direct deals with Apple to bring their content to Siri. Those restrictions are likely to go away, allowing for more third-party Siri integration. According to the report:
Apple’s Siri improvements in development also include tech that would allow it to intelligently select what to display on a device with constrained screen space, so that a running app might be brought to the fore when a user starts jogging, for instance. It sounds like on the whole, Apple is looking to put more intelligence behind Siri’s virtual smarts, to make it more of an actual assistant and less of an interesting add-on feature that primarily takes a back seat to other methods of user interaction.
Hopefully, we’ll be seeing some of these improvements to Siri very soon. Will she be as awesome as Samantha? Only Apple knows for sure. Which new features would you like to see Apple bring to Siri? See also: Get Ready Master Chief: Microsoft’s Siri-Like Cortana Will Be Unveiled Soon, and Court Grants Apple's Call To Dismiss Bizarre Siri Lawsuit.

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