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Apple Is Adding NPR To iTunes Radio

Apple Is Adding NPR To iTunes Radio

March 24, 2014
Apple’s iTunes Radio service isn’t just about the music anymore. National Public Radio (NPR) has become the first new channel to join the streaming service, with more on the way, according to Re/Code. Featuring a mix of live news and segments from pre-recorded shows like “All Things Considered” and “The Diane Rehm Show,” NPR on iTunes Radio should be available soon. Some of the broadcaster’s local stations are expected to begin offering their own channels in the coming weeks. According to Zach Brand, NPR’s vice president of digital media:
The public radio audience is very digital savvy, but there are certainly some of the millennials and other folks who are looking for their listening experience exclusively on digital, so we want to reach them wherever they are.
Launched in late last year, iTunes Radio offers free music streaming across multiple platforms, including iOS, OS X, and Windows. A future update could add an iTunes Radio subscription service to the mix, as well as launch an iTunes app for Android devices. See also: Op-Ed: Would Steve Jobs Have Embraced iTunes For Android?

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