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Apple’s Latest ‘Your Verse’ Story Focuses On Sports-Related Concussions

Apple’s Latest ‘Your Verse’ Story Focuses On Sports-Related Concussions

March 25, 2014
Apple is continuing its “Your Verse” ad campaign by focusing on how iPads are being used to help diagnose sports-related concussions. Concussions aren’t just a problem for football players as it affects athletes in sports like soccer, basketball, and hockey. And Jason Cruickshank, an athletic trainer at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, uses an iPad and the specialized C3 Logix app to monitor for possible symptoms after an event. Before a season is underway, Cruickshank takes a baseline assessment of athletes in a normal state. When a possible event occurs, Cruickshank can retest the athlete and compare the results:
In the past, it was easy to miss a concussion because of highly subjective reporting from athletes and errors made during paper-and-pencil data collection. But with iPad and the app, Cruickshank can make injury assessments based on precise measurements. “Using iPad with C3 Logix, we get hard, factual data that we can put in front of the athlete and say, ‘Look, this is where you should be.’”
After a concussion is detected, Cruickshank tests the athlete every five to six days to understand how recovery is progressing. To learn more about how iPads and the C3 Logix app are being used, visit Apple’s site. Apple kicked off the campaign with a TV spot during the NFL playoffs in January. For other news today, see: Apple Offers Refunds For Some Unauthorized In-App Purchases Made By Minors, Here's Why Apple Bringing iTunes To Android Makes A Lot Of Sense, and Is This An Apple 'iPhone 6' Case In The Wild?

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