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Millennials Are Ditching Their Television Sets, Shifting To Mobile To Watch TV Shows

Millennials Are Ditching Their Television Sets, Shifting To Mobile To Watch TV Shows

March 26, 2014
A new report suggests bigger isn’t better, when it comes to watching television programming. Deloitte found that Millennials rather watch movies and television shows on computers, smartphones, and tablets. These details were recently published in the firm’s annual Digital Democracy Survey. Those between the ages of 14 and 24 only watch TV shows on an actual television set 44 percent of the time. Thirty-two percent of the time, TV shows are consumed on a desktop or laptop. Smartphones and tablets make up another 16 percent, while gaming devices are used 8 percent. This is the first time computers, smartphones, and tablets have eclipsed televisions for any segment of the population, according to Gerald Belson, vice chairman of the firm’s U.S. media and entertainment practice, who spoke to Re/Code. Not surprisingly, television use increases, the older the age group. Those aged 25-30, for example, watch TV shows on a television set 53 percent of the time. This compares to 70 percent for Generation Xers (aged 31-47), 88 percent for Baby Boomers (aged 48-66), and 92 percent for those aged 67 and older. Belson notes “The fact that we have some demographics watching television, but not on TV, is significant.” As Re/Code concludes:
This shift has profound implications for networks, and Nielsen, which are working find ways to measure TV viewing across multiple screens. Nielsen announced plans to begin incorporating mobile into its traditional ratings with the 2014-15 season.
Personally, I'm not surprised by these findings. People are more mobile than ever before, and this survey reflects this reality. Which devices do you use to watch TV shows and movies? See also: Apple Updates iTunes Movie Trailers App With Rotten Tomatoes Reviews And MoreApple's 500 Millionth iPhone Has Been Sold, and Apple Says 85 Percent Of Devices Are Running iOS 7.

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