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New LG Ad Won’t Make You Buy A Phone, But It Will Give You Nightmares

New LG Ad Won’t Make You Buy A Phone, But It Will Give You Nightmares

March 6, 2014
Someone at LG is trying way, way too hard to make an interesting smartphone ad. Made for viewers in the Netherlands, “The Most Human Phone Ever,” is promoting the company’s new G Flex handset. Here’s the quick tagline posted by the company with the YouTube video:
Have you ever seen a phone as awesome as this? Introducing LG G Flex; the most human phone ever. Curved, flexible and self healing; now it's all possible.
Without any further delay, here it is. Click here if you can’t see the video. I’ve seen a lot of bad advertising from Apple’s smartphone rivals, but this easily takes the award for the worst ever. It definitely gives a new meaning to “talk to the hand.” I truly can’t imagine anyone believing that this ad will help promote the G Flex and its flagship flexible and curved display. Back to the drawing board, please. And now, after viewing this train wreck more than once, I’m afraid I know what will be haunting my dreams tonight. Thanks, LG. For other news today, see: An Apple CarPlay Partner Offers Interesting Look Into The SDK, Apple Is Giving Away Some Free Music, and A New Survey Shows iPhone Owners Are Luckier Than Other Smartphone Owners.

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