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The ‘Amazon TV’ To Ship With Hulu Plus And Netflix

The ‘Amazon TV’ To Ship With Hulu Plus And Netflix

March 12, 2014
Amazon is likely to unveil its long-rumored set-top box in the coming days. When the “Amazon TV” arrives, it won’t just provide access to the company’s Video on Demand store. It will also include applications for Hulu Plus and Netflix, according to Gigaom. Originally set to launch last fall, the Android-powered Amazon TV will take on Roku and Apple TV. Prior to this news, there had been some debate on whether the device would offer access to competing services. With that question apparently answered, the focus now shifts on whether the box will also serve as a gaming hub. Last month, it was reported that Amazon has been hiring game developers. Last month, I argued that Apple should take on Netflix by offering its own video streaming service, noting:
Would Apple actually go down this path, and would Hollywood agree? I would say yes — if the price is right. The Apple TV has always been a “hobby” device. We know that Apple CEO Tim Cook very much wants to change this. Cupertino has found little success in trying to convince cable and satellite providers to allow a la carte television programming via the Apple TV. Perhaps Apple TV’s future isn’t to become the next DirecTV or Comcast. Rather, it’s to compete with Netflix.
Hasn't that position only been strengthened by the news of an Amazon TV? See also: Tim Cook Says The Apple TV Racked Up More Than $1 Billion In Sales During 2013, and Report: Amazon Is In Talks To Create Its Own Streaming Music Service.

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