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The Lifesaver iPhone Case Does More Than Just Protect Your Handset

The Lifesaver iPhone Case Does More Than Just Protect Your Handset

March 4, 2014
An interesting new accessory seeking funding on Indiegogo does a lot more than just protect an iPhone from daily wear and tear. The aptly named Lifesaver Case can instantly and discreetly send help if someone’s life is in danger. Users simply slide and push the safety switch to activate the function. Once that happens, the exact GPS location is streamed to authorities using e911 technology. Vital information, like a photo, physical description, age, and name are also sent. The event is even recorded with the iPhone’s microphone and camera. Here’s a quick video about the case. Click here if you can’t see it. Founder Jon Powell came up with the idea for the case after a scary incident that hit close to home:
"A few years ago, a man accosted my 12 year old daughter on her way to school and tried to get her into his vehicle. It truly is a parent's worst nightmare and even though we hear stories on the news constantly, it's one of those things you think will never happen to you. I was equally as horrified when I started to research the statistics on violent crimes - particularly those against women, children and the elderly. When I realized there was nothing on the market to address the issue - I went to work. $100,000, and 2 years later, the Lifesaver Case is ready to do just that."
Right now, you can make an early bird pledge and snag a case for $59. You can select from three color choices - black, red, or white There is a case version compatible with the iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5/5s, and iPhone 5c. Each edition is made with impact resistant polycarbonate, and dual enhanced audio speaker ports are designed improve the sound quality. A free companion app will tie into the system and runs in the background without draining the battery. All pledge rewards are expected to ship in August. For other recent accessory news and reviews, see: This Week In Accessories: Voyager Edge Headset, Classic Messenger 2014 And More, The Carbon Is A Solar-Powered Battery Pack Worn On Your Wrist, and Review: Outback Solo Is The iPad Bag Indiana Jones Would Choose.

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